Welcome to the Choir

As an artist sometimes the limitations of your media can be frustrating. A typical pop song is anywhere from 2.5 minutes to 3.5, canvases have borders, sculptures have the physical constraints of their medium. But something that has been nagging me for some time has been the filtering of my connection with my audience through social media. If I want to connect with fans its through the deluge of Instagram or Facebook, the cacophonous noise of ads, arguments, the reductive ways we present our lives.

But you’ve found me here.

Photo Credit: Toranj Noroozi

Photo Credit: Toranj Noroozi

Something I’ve been thinking about for a while is an online space where if people wanted to find a spot away from all the noise and posturing, they could. They could find me here and a host of other individuals interested in discussing how to connect—truly connect—with each other and, if possible, create a community.

That’s it. That’s my only goal.

So welcome to the choir. Where everyone is expected to participate.